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Buying or selling a home? A Process to success

The first part of the home buying process is learning about your financing options, finding a property, and getting your offer accepted. Then you’ll need to secure funding, get homeowner’s insurance, and protect your investment with an owner’s title policy. (Don’t worry, we will help you with that.) Then we’ll gather all the legal documents, close your loan, and handle the money involved in your sale or purchase.

What is title insurance & why do you need it?

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Close Simple

We’re here to make this process as easy as possible, for all parties involved. Stay completely up to date throughout every step of your next closing with our closing timeline updates. Receive easy to understand status updates via email and text when major milestones are met, including what fees to expect at the closing table. Close simple. Close with confidence.

Beware! Wire Fraud

Please be aware that there are many schemes related to wiring funds for real estate transactions. Commerce Title communicates with buyers and sellers in a very specific and certain fashion when it comes to wire transactions. Always verify with Commerce Title through an established phone line, or with your lender or your Realtor before sending a wire transfer!