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We take people from the offer to the keys

Our founders have maintained a sharp focus on client relationships, that we’re known for, for nearly 40 years. Choose us and we’ll go above and beyond to meet your needs. From large, complex commercial transactions to small home equity loans, we’re prepared to handle your closing in an efficient, professional manner. We’re in the business of helping people close with confidence. Choose to close confidently!


Key Terms
  • An Abstract
    A copy of all recorded (legal) documents affecting the title to a particular piece of land.
  • Title Insurance
    Protection against loss from defects in or liens against a title.
  • A Title Exam
    Expert review of the documents in the chain of title, in order to reach a conclusion as to the status of the title.
  • Property Sales & Trades
    The contractual (transfer of ownership) aspects of real estate transactions.
  • A Title Opinion
    The conclusion and judgment regarding the status of a title, made by a skilled professional.
Commerce Title is a proud member of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and implementer of ALTA’s Best Practices.

ALTA’s Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices are a benchmark for the real estate settlement and mortgage lending industries. They illuminate the high level of professionalism that ALTA members follow to protect consumers and businesses in the real estate and mortgage settlement.

Our team works tirelessly to promote and ensure the safety of each closing transaction. Although following ALTA’s Best Practices is not mandatory for title companies, Commerce Title’s top priority is to safeguard sensitive information involved in the closing process and we do so by following all applicable laws and regulations according to ALTA’s Best Practices.

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