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August 20, 2015

There are nearly 100 ways to lose your home… and one way to keep it

On moving day, you feel the bliss of new or first-time home ownership. And it’s an exciting day! But lurking in the shadows of all those moving boxes could be title issues that could cause you to lose your property.

But wait, you ask: Isn’t a title search supposed to prevent against ownership issues? Even the most thorough and careful search of public records won’t find dangerous threats to your title: hidden risks. Risks like forgery, falsification, deeds signed by mistake- each are all-too-common risks that could render your title unclear without title insurance from a reputable and secure company.

The good news is that the rights to your home can be defended in court with one thing: proper title insurance. Check out title insurance rates here, and shoot us an emailto talk about your property.